Since 1979, United Way of Wise County Inc., officed in Decatur, Texas, has worked diligently to support local charities providing essential health and human services to Wise County residents. As a registered Texas non-profit corporation, United Way of Wise County conducts annual fund raising campaigns and allocates the proceeds to these local charities on the basis of their need, specific services provided, number of families served and other considerations. 
Beginning in 2006, 100% of each dollar donated to the annual fall campaign, has been allocated to these United Way agencies and programs.  This makes the United Way one of the most efficient non-profit organizations in the country. When we all work together, we're able to work wonders! 
To accomplish our mission, the United Way of Wise Conty is committed to embrace diversity and inclusion within our county across all dimensions (race, age, gender, sexual orientatiion, gender identity, national origin, religion and physical or mental ability).
Executive Director: Martin Woodruff
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More than 30 local agencies have sought affiliation with United Way of Wise County. Volunteer opportunities are available in many areas. Check out the list of agencies to determine where you might make a difference.

Each United Way unit is locally operated. All monies donated to the United Way of Wise County are used in support of LOCAL agencies and reflect the values of our citizens.